Samsung Electronics’ Efforts for Our Beautiful Ocean

on March 22, 2023
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How can we reduce marine plastics? Samsung Electronics’Efforts for Our Beautiful Ocean

Environmentally-Conscious Innovation through Galaxy Devices
To minimize the impact on the environment while maintaining product quality, Samsung Electronics has used recycled plastics made from discarded fishing nets in the Galaxy S23 series. Through these efforts, Samsung’s goal is to prevent more than 15 tons* of discarded fishing nets from entering the world’s oceans by the end of the year. *Calculated number based on sales estimation
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Designed With the Planet in Mind

Meet Plastics Made From Discarded Fishing Nets in More Galaxy Devices

Recycled plastics from discarded fishing nets were first used in parts of the Galaxy S22 series and have since been utilized in various other Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S23, Galaxy Buds, tablets, PCs and more.
Galaxy S22 Ultra - Side key bracket, S Pen inner cover
Galaxy Z Flip4 - Side key bracket
Galaxy Buds2 Pro - Bracket Battery Holder, Bracket Deco Front, Bracket PCB Cradle
Galaxy Z Fold4 - Side key bracket, Display Connector Cap
Galaxy Book3 - Case Upper Inner Down

Innovative Smartphone Development With Like-minded Partners

Hanwha Compound: We’re working hard on researching and developing eco-conscious materials using recycled discarded fishing nets. By collaborating with Samsung Electronics, we’ll not only contribute to producing eco-conscious products but also protecting marine life. DSM : Samsung Electronics is the first in the smartphone industry to have used Akulon® RePurposed recycled material from discarded fishing nets. We’re confident that such efforts will inspire other industries as well and help make our oceans cleaner and a better place.

Eco-conscious Efforts Recognized by the World

Samsung has been recognized for its efforts to improve the environment, including its use of discarded fishing nets in its products, and has received multiple prestigious awards.
2022 SEAL* Winner of the Business Sustainability Award, 2023 Social Impact Awards** Winner in the Sustainability Campaign category
*SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership): As an environmental organization located in California, U.S., SEAL has been recognizing and awarding companies that lead notable sustainable and environmental development since 2017. **Presented by PR News, the awards honor companies and people making efforts to improve society

The Small but Big Difference Made by Using Discarded Fishing Nets

25% - The amount of carbon emissions that can be reduced if discarded fishing nets are used when producing 1 metric ton of plastics* 120trees - Producing products using discarded fishing nets is equivalent to planting 120 30-year-old pine trees**
*This evaluation was conducted by Hanwha Compound, a partner company of Samsung Electronics, which produces and supplies recycled plastic used in Galaxy devices. **Source : Based on the National Institute of Forest Science’s data on pine trees in the central region in Korea (July 2019)

Everyday Sustainability With Samsung Screens

Samsung’s Visual Display Business is making various efforts, such as reducing power consumption for TV and monitors and applying recycled plastics. In particular, the company has been expanding the use of recycled plastics across its product lines, including in the rear cover of monitors since 2022, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

SolarCell Remote, an Eco-Conscious Remote Control

SAMSUNG ViewFinite S8 monitor and remote control
Samsung Electronics incorporated recycled ocean-bound plastics in the SolarCell Remote control brackets of 2023 lifestyle products, following the 2022 ViewFinity Monitor. In addition, the 2023 SolarCell Remote cover is made from approximately 24% recycled plastics.* Percentage of total weight of power supply board accessories

SolarCell Remote That Charges Using Day light and Interior Light

24% - about 24% of recycled plastic was used for the 2023 SolarCell Remote cover.

Bespoke AI™ Washer: The Right Choice for Both the Environment and Clothes

Samsung Electronics collaborated with global outdoor brand Patagonia and non-profit marine protection research organization Ocean Wise in 2022 and succeeded in developing a wash cycle that can reduce microplastics. Samsung has once again solidified its position in the industry by developing innovative technology that protects the environment.

Bespoke AI™ Washer Helps Reduce Microplastics

SAMSUNG patagonia - In September 2022, Samsung Electronics launched the Bespoke AI™ laundry in Europe, which boasts significantly upgraded energy efficiency and AI features. The Bespoke AI™ Washer comes with a wash cycle that reduces microplastics, which was developed in collaboration with Patagonia.

Changing the Standard of Washing Clothes With Patented Ecobubble™ Technology

With Samsung’s unique Ecobubble™ technology, less microfiber™ cycle can reduce shedding of microplastics that are 10㎛ (micrometer) and larger from clothes during laundry by up to 54%.*
54% - Reduces microplastic shedding by up to 54%
* Tested by the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab with a 2kg load of 100% polyester hoodies, comparing the Synthetics cycle on the Samsung Conventional model WW4000T and the Less Microfiber cycle on WW9400B. Results may differ depending on the clothes and environment.



Updated on March 28 2023 : 10% Recycled PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate), which is sourced from discarded PET bottles has been used in case front part of Galaxy S23 Ultra

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