Samsung Surprises with Award Win in Restaurant and Bar Design Category

on October 22, 2020
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On October 15 (local time), it was announced that Samsung had won the Pop Up category of the prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards for its exhibition at Fuorisalone 2019 in Milan, achieving an impressive feat for an electronics company.



At the exhibition, the electronics giant presented its visitors with the 24hr. Kitchen—an interactive and interpretive installation conceived in collaboration with global design consultancy 2×4 and world-renowned food designer, Laila Gohar.




As is implied by the exhibition’s name, Samsung’s display represented the central position the kitchen holds in our daily lives. The installation spanned three separate rooms that were respectively inspired by the morning, afternoon, and evening periods. A sinuous, winding kitchen counter linked the installations in the three rooms into one ongoing narrative and represented the linear nature of time while also providing a platform to showcase a range of thematic culinary artwork.



The Morning Room celebrated the start of the day with various grain-inspired food installations such as a variety of focaccia and volcanic cakes, bunches of wheat, and elaborate butter sculptures. The bright, rich atmosphere of this exhibit captured the essence of a new morning.



The Day Room incorporated a more vibrant color palette, using unique tomato-based installations. The bold red translates the lively energy inspired by the day time.



The Evening Room represented the kitchen as a comfortable and romantic place to relax. Using the soft hues of brown sugar, the exhibit featured sweet objets d’art that treated visitors to an even sweeter evening mood.


Following its award win, Samsung will continue to produce demonstrations of its lifestyle-and-design-rooted brand strategy while engaging consumers everywhere with creative and thoughtful contributions to their everyday lives.


“Our 24hr. Kitchen exhibition drew attention as an installment that utilized real ingredients to express the various aspects of the kitchen in a unique way,” said Jinny Jung, Corporate VP of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business. “Underpinned by the recognition we have received from the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Samsung will continue to advance as an interior appliances brand that can precisely reflect consumers’ tastes and lifestyles.”


The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is an annual award dedicated to recognizing food and beverage-related interior design and architecture on an international scale. Since the inception of the awards in 2009, over 10,000 entries from the design, architectural and hospitality industries have been received from more than 100 countries across the globe.

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