The Bespoke Life: Samsung Brings Sustainable and Connected Design to Milan Design Week 2023

Italy on April 17, 2023
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Through collaborations with renowned lifestyle designers, Samsung presents a value-centric design for Bespoke appliances

Samsung Electronics today showcased its sustainable, connected and lifestyle-centric design philosophy with the launch of its “Bespoke Home, Bespoke Life” exhibition for Milan Design Week’s Fuorisalone 2023. From April 18–23, visitors are invited to Samsung’s booth to explore how the company’s latest Bespoke home appliances complement consumers’ values while simultaneously empowering their unique lifestyles.


This year’s booth centers on Samsung’s sustainability efforts while also spotlighting several new and exciting design collaborations. The booth includes dynamic exhibits from celebrated lifestyle designers Seungji Mun, known for his eco-conscious, minimalist designs, and Hosuk Jang, known for his space and interior work, and demonstrates how Samsung enhances sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle and improves consumers’ lifestyles through hyperconnectivity. The exhibition also highlights a new, limited-edition Bespoke panel collaboration with the Milan-based creative studio, TOILETPAPER.


“The Bespoke Life that we are showcasing at Fuorisalone 2023 is the next evolution of the Bespoke vision that extends seamless personalization to the entire home,” said Ik Soo Choi, Executive Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing Team of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “Living the Bespoke Life allows you to design a home that not only caters to your unique needs but your values as well, empowering you to enjoy a more personalized, connected and sustainable lifestyle.”



From Production to Recycling, Sustainability for a Better Planet


Samsung’s vision for a sustainable future, one that incorporates sustainability further into everyday life, is clear to visitors throughout the entire “Bespoke Home, Bespoke Life” experience.


The first exhibit, Seungji Mun’s “We Breathe,” places appliances including the Bespoke AI™ Washer and Dryer and Bespoke BMF1 Refrigerator into a space composed mainly of recycled materials such as discarded plastic2 and fishing nets. The exhibit portrays the appliances as “sleeping” while conserving power to showcase SmartThings’ energy-saving technology.


The “Everyday Sustainability” exhibit focuses on Samsung’s efforts to support sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle. From manufacturing and distribution to usage and disposal, Samsung continues to drive eco-conscious efforts further across every facet of its operations. This includes reducing resource use and carbon emissions3 during the sourcing stage, developing eco-conscious packaging for distribution, implementing intelligent energy-saving technologies for the usage stage and making it easier for users to recycle their products once they reach the end of their lifecycle.



A Better, Smarter Lifestyle Through Connectivity


In addition to highlighting innovations that cater to consumers’ desire for greater sustainability, Samsung’s booth is also spotlighting SmartThings’ ability to transform the way consumers interact with their appliances — by fostering seamless experiences and bringing calm to their interconnected world.


The “Connected Experience” exhibit features the types of seamless and intuitive experiences that become possible by combining Bespoke appliances’ hyperconnectivity with SmartThings’ automation. The interactive exhibit demonstrates how Samsung’s updated lineup of SmartThings services — including SmartThings Cooking, Clothing Care, Energy, Air Care, Pet Care and Home Care — streamlines users’ routines by making everyday tasks more convenient.


In particular, it outlines how SmartThings’ energy-saving solutions help users manage their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills. This includes providing up to 15% more savings for compatible refrigerators, up to 20% for compatible air conditioners and up to 70% for compatible washers for courses operating in AI Energy Mode with Ecobubble™.4


Taking this a step further, SmartThings Energy manages energy production and saving of an entire house, enabling the true vision of a “Net Zero Home.” To this end, Samsung is expanding partnerships with European energy companies, such as “SMA Solar Technology” and “Passiv UK.”



Experience Ultimate Personalization Through Bespoke Design




The collaborations that Samsung showcased at Fuorisalone 2023 redefine the boundaries of Bespoke design. These partnerships and design enhancements reaffirm Samsung’s commitment to offering consumers the ultimate in personalization.


Hosuk Jang’s “Framed” is an eye-catching exhibit that cleverly blends Bespoke’s design ethos with that of a European social club by incorporating art frames into Bespoke refrigerator panels. The result is an exhibit that encourages visitors to visualize how they would express their individuality and personalize their interior with Bespoke products.


The booth’s “Bespoke Gallery” invites visitors to experience personalizing their refrigerator with MyBespoke5 and showcases refrigerator panels designed in collaboration with the creative studio and magazine brand, TOILETPAPER. The limited-edition panels include a total of four unique designs: “Dessert Lady,” “Lipsticks,” “Magic Mirror” and “Roses with Eyes.”


Samsung’s booth is featured at Art Point Superstudio Più, located at Via Tortona 27, Milan 20144. More information on the exhibition can be found by visiting the Fuorisalone 2023 website.



1 Bottom Mount Freezer
2 Samsung products utilized approximately 41,000 tons of recycled plastic in 2022.
3 As of 2021, Samsung’s carbon-cutting efforts had resulted in a reduction of 6.41 million tons of carbon emissions.
4 Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on the user’s actual environment and usage patterns.
5 MyBespoke is a customization service that allows customers to create a one-of-a-kind fridge to suit their style using their favorite photos, original designs or artwork.

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